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This poll was archived on Dec 21, 2009.

What Do You Think of the New JBoss Website?

We're pleased to announce a new look and navigational structure to the JBoss website.  Here are a few things of note: 1.  The and sites are in the process of being merged.  You may have noticed two different looks before.  We're combining them into one. 2.  Improved navigation.  We hope you find it much easier to move around the site now.  We've tried to make it easier to get to project-specific areas - such as Hibernate downloads or JBoss documentation or Nukes forums.  Let us know if we succeeded. 3.  We added an academia section under 'community'.  We are also initiating an academia grant program.  Read all about it under academia. 4.  There are more customers listed in the customer section and even a few new customer quotes in the main header area.  Thanks to those that contributed quotes.  We'll be adding a few case studies in the near future.  If you are agreeable to being a JBoss reference, please send an e-mail to 5.  We added a link to a new JBoss merchandise store run by Cafepress.  We didn't do this to make money (in fact, we make very little)...we did it at the request of many of you.  Please let us know your thoughts on the new site by taking the poll or by sending an e-mail to Thank you.
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