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This poll was archived on Dec 21, 2009.

What Do You Think of the New JBoss Website?

As you probably noticed, we have refreshed our website again.  Aside from the obvious new look, there are a few key things that changed: 1.  Free documentation for all products.  All of our documentation is now free.  A few items require registration to our website to view but that is free as well.  2.  There are now 2 columns vs. 3.  3.  The navigation is improved.  We moved away from drop down menus (by request). 4.  There is a new NEWS module in the Developer Zone / .org section.  It is Slashdot style.  Check it out.  You are able to post comments about news stories if you like. 5.  The training section has been better organized.  There is also a better integration with the JBoss Store.  You can purchase North American and Far East by credit card.  We will be adding EMEA courses over the next few weeks.  6.  There is now much more information about JBoss World 2005 including details on the tracks and individual sessions and BOFs that were selected by the community selection committee. Let us know if you like the new site by taking the poll. Also let me know if you have any ideas that you'd like to see implemented in the next refresh.  Send me your comments to Joe McGonnell Director of Marketing JBoss Inc.
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