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This poll was archived on Dec 21, 2009.

JBossTools moving to Eclipse 3.4 is..

Hi, Since last night the nightly builds ([url][/url]) of JBossTools are now targeting Eclipse 3.4/WTP 3.0 aka Ganymede. We are using Eclipse 3.4M7 and will move the drivers up to any upcoming releases between now and when Ganymede gets released this summer. The first build was made possible by simply fixing all compile errors that was found. Thus this is as bleeding edge as it gets - we can't guarantee anything ;) If you want to make JBossTools work well on Ganymede please try out these nightly builds and report issues in our jira. This means that JBoss Tools 2.1.x is the last version/branch that will work reliably against Eclipse 3.3. We do not plan to add new features to the 2.1.x branch - only important/critical bugfixes will be incorporated. Of course if someone wants to help maintain a 3.3.x backwards compatible branch then signup at jbosstools-dev and let us know. For the fun of it I added a poll for this change - let us hear what you think.
Poll Results
  • Awsome...I like the bleeding edge and Eclipse 3.4 is what everyone will use anyway (87%)
  • A shame....Eclipse 3.3 is stable why move ? (9%)
  • Eclipse 3.4 ? I'm not even away from Eclipse 3.2 yet (option for RAD users ;) (4%)


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