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This poll was archived on Dec 14, 2009.

Do you need compatibility between 1.0.x releases?

The work around for the JDK 1.4 64K UTF String bug in  ([url][/url]) has the potential to partially break compatibility with previous Messaging releases. The built-in versioning mechanism allows us to maintain compatibility, if we choose so, on the expense on some additional code we have to maintain. Since our clustering implementation is still in state of flux, we expect additional similar changes that will affect compatibility, so we are trying to decide if it's worth the effort to maintain backward/forward compatibility until we release 1.2.GA. Once clustering (1.2.GA) is feature complete, the backward/forward compatibility will be guaranteed from that point on. Please answer the questions below and let us know what you think.
Poll Results
  • Yes, I need guaranteed forward/backward compatibility for 1.0.x (8%)
  • It would be nice to have it, but I don't really rely on it (54%)
  • No, I will wait until clustered version (1.2) is out (38%)


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