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This poll was archived on Sep 19, 2013.

Should lock striping continue to be enabled by default?

Infinispan 4.x has so far always enabled lock striping by default, giving a highly scalable locking mechanism with fixed overhead. However, as highlighted in threads like this and this, it can sometimes lead deadlocks if locks for different keys end up in the same lock stripe. Clearly, in this situations the workaround is to disable lock striping.


So, the aim of this poll is to see whether Infinispan users would prefer lock striping to continue being enabled by default, or instead being disabled by default. The problem with disabling it by default is that applications that relied on lock striping being enabled might find their apps to consume more memory and garbage collect more, due to creating a lock per entry.


On the other hand, disabling by default has the benefit of avoiding the deadlocks mentioned earlier which puzzle new Infinispan users.

Poll Results
  • Yes, I want lock striping to be enabled by default. (19%)
  • No, I want lock striping disabled by default. (81%)


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