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This poll was archived on Jan 27, 2014.

Automatic Cleanup of Staging Repositories on

It is necessary to clean up staging repositories on There was a hot discussion about the proper timings. Most of the people agreed, that for opened repositories an aggressive cleaning is the best way. That is why I will set 3 days as a limit for the open repositories. It is enough time for their creator to finish any uploads and do something useful with them.


On the other hand closed repositories can be inactive for some time, but still necessary for testing or something like that. It would be useful to clean them up as well though. I would like to know your opinion about the ideal settings - how long should they remain on the server before the system drops them (we speak about repositories, that were not been released or promoted).


Please, add any comment if you have any issues with the automatic clean up.

Poll Results
  • less than one week (please, leave a comment why) (18%)
  • one week (41%)
  • two weeks (29%)
  • three weeks (6%)
  • one month (0%)
  • five weeks (0%)
  • six weeks (0%)
  • seven weeks (0%)
  • two months (0%)
  • the creator of the repository must drop the repository himself (6%)


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