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Marking builds with test failures as UNSTABLE vs FAILED

Hey folks,


I'm toying with the idea of adding -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true to the Maven build line for our Jenkins jobs.  This would have the following effects when there are test failures:

  1. The Maven build will complete successfully (assuming there are no compilation or checkstyle errors).
  2. The build will be marked as UNSTABLE instead of FAILED (yellow bubble instead of red)

Because the Maven build will complete, we will be notified of test failures in all modules, as opposed to the first module with failures.  We can continue to prevent triggering downstream builds for UNSTABLE builds and will continue to receive email notifications when builds transfer from STABLE->UNSTABLE->STABLE.


What are your opinions on the matter?

Poll Results
  • I love it! (75%)
  • Surely you must be joking? (25%)


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