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    Serializers generated by wscompile

    Siddhartha Azad Newbie

      One thing that is confusing me (forgive me if I missed it from the tutorials) are the Serializers/DeSerializers that are being generated by wscompile. I need to use these on the client side since the Stub class generated by wscompile makes use of these.
      But if I use these Serializers/DeSerializers on the client side, don't I need to do 1 of the following 2 things:

      (1. Use the same generated Serializers/DeSerializers on the server side (JBoss) also by specifying these in ws4ee-deployment.xml for each type.
      (2. Specify the BeanSerializer/BeanDeserializer for every wrapper type generated by wscompile.

      Please help,
      Thanks, Sid.