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    How to deploy multiple webservices, copied .ear files, diffe

    Dave Kees Newbie

      Looking for insight regarding how to deploy two instances of a webservice
      under JBoss? Two instances, meaning, I have two .ear files. Both contain the SAME thing, but the webservices they define are deployed under different tree's under JBoss and are accessed via different URLs. Why do this? Here's why;

      Suppose our Webservice developer builds/deploy a ?testApp.ear? and hits a URL to test the webservices he developes.

      We have client side (web application) developers that need to test their code using these webservices. But these clients need to hit a DIFFERENT instance of the same webservices the webservice developer is creating.
      I assume these services are accessed via different ports, or different URLs. I assume this also means we need to deploy two different ?.ear? files.

      It seems easy to deploy multiple instances of the same web application under JBoss. It appears JBoss associates the .war file name with the webroot and thus each deployed .war file will have a corresponding URL needed to test each deployment. However, with Webservices, simply renaming the .ear file and deploying the two won?t work. The 2nd deployment fails. I get errors like this;

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Trying to install an already registered mbean: jboss.har:service=Hibernate

      If my webservice is all wrapped up into two DIFFERENT .ear files, I basically need to figure out how to deploy BOTH so that one group of developers can hit one deployment while the other group hits the other deployment. JBoss hopefully has a guide that addresses this.