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    jboss-ws4ee.sar uses org.jboss.axis

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Starting from jboss-4.0.2 we use org.jboss.axis instead of org.apache.axis. This should avoid the recurring confusion of people trying to use an Apache Axis release with JBossWS.

      If your service endpoints or clients use the propriatary Axis API, which they should probably not in an ideal WS4EE world, you will have to replace these package names.

      Also replace the package names in your ws4ee-deployment.xml descriptors if you have them.

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          Dennis Byrne Newbie

          What were the technical/political reasons for parting with Axis?

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            Thomas Diesler Master

            Prior to JavaOne 2004 we had to modify the last stable axis (axis-1.1) release considerably to achieve J2EE-1.4 compliancy for web services. Axis-1.2beta was technically not usable at the time.

            The current implementation in jboss-4.x passes >2200 web service tests from Sun's compatibility test suite. It is also BasicProfile-1.0 compliant.

            After certification we immediatly retired the modified axis version and put it into maintenance. Instead we've been developing our own SOAP stack (JBossWS) that is available in jboss-5.x

            People continously try to drop axis binaries into jboss and hope to use that as the basis for J2EE web services, which simply won't work because all the required hooks and enhancements are missing. We changed the package name to get better class isolation because of that.

            For our customers we support org.jboss.axis and not org.apache.axis

            There is no political reason.

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              Joseph Hickman Newbie

              I deploy web services in multiple containers (Jboss, TomCat, etc.), and would prefer to be consistent in my builds (i.e., standardize on axis). If I undeploy jboss-ws4ee.sar, and deploy the axis libraries instead, I'm guessing this will be fine. Is there a down side? Thanks.