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    SOAP Attachment do not works in jboss4.0.2 final

    marco tombesi Newbie

      I've a stateless session bean implementing a web-service.

      The following code works only in jboss 4.0.1sp1 and correctly return an InputStream of 17MB but returns an exception in jboss4.0.2final: "No cache"

      Message msg = MessageContext.getCurrentContext().getRequestMessage();
      Iterator attachs = msg.getAttachments();
      while (attachs != null && attachs.hasNext())
      AttachmentPart ap = (AttachmentPart) attachs.next();
      int sz = ap.getSize();

      DataHandler dh = api.getDataHandler();
      InputStream is = dh.getInputStream();

      - the code works for small attachments in both versions but only in jboss4.0.1sp1 if the attachment is bigger (17MB)
      - the size is corectly returned (17MB) in both versions.
      - I've had noticed that in the server/deply/tmp directory

      What happens? Is there a bug in the final release?