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    Specify a second/different url to acces a WS

    Gerhard Otte Newbie

      Hello !

      We are exposing some EJB's as webservices and evrything is working ok.
      The EJB's are deployed in an EAR and can be accessed with the standard generated url; recently we switched to maven as build system and since then all artifacts became versioned. So we end up in some urls that contain part of the version number, f.e.
      This would be ok if it where the complete version number (i.e. OurApp-1.2 and OurFirstEjb-2.3) but it's just the jar-name up to the first dot.

      So it would be great if we could specify a WS url that does not depend on the EAR/EJB-JAR names. Can this be done ?
      By the way we use JBoss-4.0.1,JWSDP-1.5,xdoclet-1.2.3

      TIA Gerhard