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    4.0.2 breaks Axis

    dpocock Newbie

      I have an application that I developed last year, while the WS4EE code was still quite primitive. It uses the regular Axis distribution - Axis' JAR files are bundled into a servlet WAR file, which is then bundled into my application's EAR file.

      When the application is deployed on JBoss 4.0.0RC1, it works fine.

      When deployed on JBoss 4.0.2, there are problems with functions that return arrays of complex types. When I send a SOAP request by hand, the XML output looks very different. When invoked within the client application, the endpoint (based on Axis 1.2.1 client library) returns an array of nulls instead of an array of complex types.

      Is it possible that something in the JBoss classpath is messing things up? Has anyone else had this problem?

      I've tried removing ws4ee completely from the `deploy' directory (and restarting), that didn't help. Are there any other JARs that should be removed if I am using regular Axis?