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    Richfaces 3.2.0 and scrollerListener


      Hi all!

      In Richfaces 3.1.4 I was using in the dataScroller component the attribute scrollerListener to binding a method expression pointing to a action listener. In this version it was working. However, when I change to the new version 3.2.0, the scrollerListener doesn't work anymore. This is my code:

      public void scrollerListener(DataScrollerEvent evt){
       System.out.println("Selected page: " + evt.getPage());
       paginaAnterior = evt.getPage();
      <rich:datascroller renderIfSinglePage="false" align="right" for="listagem" maxPages="12" fastStep="10"
       pageIndexVar="pageIndex" pagesVar="pages" stepControls="show" fastControls="hide" boundaryControls="show"
       inactiveStyleClass="paginacaoInativa" selectedStyleClass="paginacaoSelecionada"
       styleClass="paginacao" tableStyleClass="paginacaoTabela"
       binding="#{bean.formDataScroller}" id="paginacao" scrollerListener="#{bean.scrollerListener}">

      As you can see the method's signature is the same as indicated in the documentation. But in the version 3.2.0 it doesn't work.

      Had anyone the same problem? Is it a bug?