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    question about webservicehost and jboss.bind.address

    khelenek Newbie

      I realize that jbossws will replace my soap address in my wsdl file with the jboss.bind.address property on a successful deploy.

      That property appears to be just the simple hostname though - the name of the computer. I want it to be the name plus the domain, so myname.mydomain.com:8080 instead of myname:8080.

      First, why is the default just the hostname? That doesn't seem that useful. Second, is there a way to configure it so that it appends the domain (using a property, not hardcoding? like ${jboss.bind.address}.{jboss.domain}? Or how about the IP address?

      Or if I'm completely missing something please let me know too. I'm relatively new to this stuff.