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    Axis getVersion webservice not working

    Prince Khan Newbie


      I am using Jboss-4.0.2. When i try out the link "http://localhost:8080/ws4ee/services/Version?wsdl" (which is a default axis webservice link) i get the following error displayed in the web page ...

      AXIS error

      No service is available at this URL

      i checked the server.log and the output there was

      DEBUG [org.jboss.webservice.server.ServiceEndpointServlet] doGet: http://localhost:8080/ws4ee/services/Version?wsdl
      ERROR [org.jboss.webservice.server.ServiceEndpointServlet] Cannot get axis service: null

      Also when i try out the link "http://localhost:8080/ws4ee/services" the following output comes in the server.log

      DEBUG [org.jboss.webservice.server.ServiceEndpointServlet] doGet: http://localhost:8080/ws4ee/services
      DEBUG [org.jboss.webservice.server.ServiceEndpointServlet] Report available services
      DEBUG [org.jboss.webservice.AxisService] No PortComponentInfo found for serviceID: Version

      It is my guess that the error is coming because the webservice is not properly deployed. I am using the default settings for Jboss. Can you please help me with this error. Thanks in advance.

      Thanks and regards