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    package name in config-service.xml

    Jing Song Newbie

      Hi Thomas,
      I have a question about the package name in config-service.xml, which pass in wscompile to generate wsdl. I can't find the xsd for http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jax-rpc/ri/config. I would like to know if the package name in tag could be multiple package names with seperator. In my application, the bean/endpoint/home are in one package, but the bean invovles lots of objects that in different package. I know I could put there, but it didn't help me a bit. The package name for objects still take the seesionBean package, which result deployment failed:
      Bean : StandardizationBean
      Method : public abstract PartyAddress standardizeAddress(PartyAddress, boolean) throws RemoteException
      Section: 7.11.9
      Warning: For each method defined in the service endpoint interface, there must be a matching method in the session bean�s class.
      Here is my config-service.xml:

      Is this because of the wrong package name? plus, in Jboss log, there is funky char that I can't tell --bean�s class (I just copy/paste to here)