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    4.0.2 juddi error when using UDDIProxy.get_authToken()

    Jason Caponigro Newbie

      I cannot seem to authenticate when trying to add anything to juddi.

      I always receive the following error:

      The user ID and password pair passed in a get_authToken message is not known to the Operator Site or is not valid.

      I tried:

      user = juddi
      pw = password


      user = sa
      pw = ""

      because that's the entries I found in the juddi properties files and the sa login for JBoss Hypersonic DB. I can create table entries manually via JBoss's JMX console, but not via the UDDIBrowser or via UDDI4J code examples. I can read just fine with UDDIProxy.find_business(), but that's it.

      Any ideas???? Thanks a lot.