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    Use of JBossXB

    Claire Costello Newbie

      Hi All,

      Not sure where to post this question. Perhaps it should be in the JBoss CMP forum?

      My Webservice accepts a String argument which is XML corresponding to an XML Schema agreed between the client and server parties. My question is what to do with the XML to create my entity bean (CMP bean)? I am looking at JBossXB but have a couple of questions:

      It looks as though I have to add annotations to my XML Schemas. Is this the only addition I have to make to my Schemas? Can this metainfo for POJOs be specified in any other way other than altering the XML Schemas themselves?

      Are there any connections between JBossXB and JAXB? If so, where can I read about them?

      Where can I get the required APIs to build my source once I use the XB mechanism?

      Can I go from XML to Entity bean creation? (ambitious perhaps?)

      Many thanks for answers to these questions, or some URLs.