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    HOWTO get involved

    Thomas Diesler Master

      The JBossWS project is taking on speed and there are several areas of development that are suitable for external contributers to get involved with.

      The first point of contact are Jira issues scheduled for community contributions

      here we maintain the JBossWS roadmap with all open issues, tasks, feature requests, etc.

      The way we usually work is that people who want to join the team make themselves visible on the forums by providing qualified comments. There is also a large number of Jira issues that need attention (besides being marked for community contribution or not). This is also a good way to get familiar with the code base. Finally there are also pieces of missing functionality that need to be taken care off, which is of course the most attractive option.

      We have setup a number of voting issues in Jira that list large pieces of work that may make there way into JBossWS

      Development issues are discussed on the JBossWS-Dev forum

      there you also find detailed instructions on how to get started with the new stack and how to run the testsuites.

      Next step is, that you go to the

      Contributor Agreements

      and read the terms. Signing the Contributor Agreement is a necessary requirement for you to work on our codebase. If this is all ok with you, write to alessio.soldano@jboss.com directly to discuss what you would like to be working on.

      Good Luck