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    Support for custom SOAP headers

    Eelke Spaak Newbie

      I am currently working on a project to consume the Sabre Travel System webservices. I have generated stubs for the SessionCreateRQ service by using the wscompile tool (as explained in the WIKI - document style service client); unfortunately, this tool does not generate any code to customize the SOAP header element. The only way it provides some support for this is by the -f:explicitcontext option, but this only allows me to specify a SOAPElement to use as header; it does not generate any code to make header customization easy.

      Now I think that the JAX-WS2 tools provide support for generating this kind of header interfaces, but I don't know if JBoss supports this. Does it? Or are there other tools for client stub generation I should know about (JBoss' own perhaps)?

      I intend to deploy my EJB application on JBoss 4.0.2, and I am using the service-ref method to obtain my reference to the webservice.