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    Why is Apache Axis not supported

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Starting from jboss-4.0.0 we offer a web service stack that is J2EE-1.4 compliant. This comes with a great number of advantages for our users.

      Here are a few:

      1) Portable web service endpoints and clients that do not need to
      have a dependency on a propriatary stack

      2) Secure your investment and learn a standard rather than a
      propriatary solution

      3) Achieve good interoperability by beeing BasicProfile-1.0 compliant

      4) Take advantage of test coverage that comes with Sun's
      Compatibility Test Suite (>2300 WS tests)

      5) Good integration with the overall JBoss architecture
      i.e. hot deployment/redeployment, management interface

      Our support offering covers our own stack and the JBossWS team
      is dedicated full time to improve that constantly.

      Any other stack is not supported inside JBoss and you would need to contact the stack vendor for support.