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    Error in Richfaces 3.2.0 ?

    Frank Heldt Newbie

      I wanted to give 3.2.0 a try and just changed the 3.1.4 jars from a working webapp to the 3.2.0 ones. It uses facelets 1.1.14 btw.

      Part of it is a combobox filled with names (filled in the backing bean)

      <h:selectOneMenu id="cbxUser" style="width:120px"
       <f:selectItems value="#{handler.userItems}"/>
      <rich:message for="cbxUser"/>

      This is the html code that's generated:
      <select id="j_id27:cbxUser" name="j_id27:cbxUser" size="1" style="width:120px">
      <option value="Al Korbeli& #269;o">Al Korbeli& #269;o</option>
      <option value="Al Nagyov& aacute;">Al Nagyov& aacute;</option>
      <option value="Al Tothov& aacute;">Al Tothov& aacute;</option>
      <option value="An Gajdov& aacute;">An Gajdov& aacute;</option>

      As you can see, the names contain special (slowakian) characters (I put a space after the &, so it doesn't get converted to a unicode char). When i submit the form, i get the following error:

      j_id27:cbxUser: Validierungs-Fehler: Wert nicht göltig.

      That is validation error, invalid value in english.

      The same application with 3.1.4 works like a charm. So what's going on here?