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    Configuration problems (loading the wrong richfaces-version?

    Alexander Zauner Newbie

      yesterday I updated the application I am working at and all of a sudden the gui just fades away and leaves me with weird method-not-found errors from the richfaces-library;

      thus I have reason to belive that the problem is caused by a library conflict because a few days ago our library-constellation changes the following way:

      we migrated from:
      richfaces 3.1.4 to richfaces 3.2.0

      some other importaint libraries regarding jsf are:
      jsf 1.2_04
      jsp-api 2.1
      jstl 1.1.2

      for local testing I deploy the project in Tomcat 6.0.16 webserver, where it wont work (but for some strange reasons with Jetty 6.1.7 it seems to work?)

      could you please give me a brave advice why this constellation is making trouble
      Thank You