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    Migration from JBoss.NET to JBossWS

    jwcone Newbie

      We have an application running on JBoss 3.x that offers web services to clients using JBoss.NET. We'd like to upgrade to JBoss 4 and are trying to decide what the best approach is going to be (and how much work it will take).

      Consumers of our web services include both C# applications (using Microsoft .NET) and Java applications (using Axis).

      How hard is it to migrate to JBossWS? Will our clients require extensive code changes and new client jars? Is there a HOWTO or tutorial that outlines the process?

      Would it be easier to just uninstall JBossWS and install JBoss.NET into the JBoss 4 application server?

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          Thomas Diesler Master

          Your clients will not be affected as long as they produce/consume messages that conform to the abstract contract defined in WSDL.

          How difficult the migration is, depends on how much Axis specific API usages you have in your endpoints. Ideally you would have none.

          The WS4EE packaging and deployment model is fairly straint forward. Another benefit is of course the usage of standard J2EE web services that are BP-1.0 compliant.

          We will at some point in the future drop support for JBoss.NET.