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    Two quick things about the new Release 3.2.0

    E Aish Novice


      I would like to know two quick things about the new release.

      1. I have 3.1.3 release and having issues with the data scroller tag. That is when we select the "next", "previous" items, it does not work correct. It sometimes skips to the 3rd page instead of next page, etc. I wasd informed that it was a known bug. Can you please let me know if that issues is resolved in the new release of 3.2?

      2. We are using IBM RAD 7 for the development. It supports JSF 1.1. Can we still use richfaces 3.2? Based on the release notes, release 3.2 supports only JSF 1.2? Is there a work around for using Realse 3.2?