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    Interoperability Problem Between Java webservice client and

    eafigbo Newbie

      I have successfully created an AXIS web service client for a Microsoft .Net WSE 2.0 Web Service.
      I used Apache WSS4J library for security.
      i successfully send UsernameToken to the Web Service with PasswordDigest option.
      The problem is that i get the message:

      The security token could not be authenticated or authorized

      on inspecting the SOAP request using the server application i notice that both username and the hashed credentials arrive at the server but authentication fails. However when i use a windows based web service client the password digest is diffrent from the one coming from AXIS and
      authentication succeeds.
      Since both WSS4J and WSE are WS security compliant (OASIS) why the diffrence in the hash?
      What could be wrong?