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    JBoss WS and JDBC parameter binding not playing nicely toget

    Harley Blumenfeld Newbie

      We are trying to develop an application that uses a
      SLSB Endpoint to provide a web service interface to some
      functionality that is also exported via a regular Stateless session bean.

      The webservice deploys correctly and works... The first time it is called
      after the server is started. Each subsequent call to the webservice with
      the same exact parameters returns without exception, but without the
      required data.

      While debugging through the code we noticed that one of the sql calls that returns a ResultSet of data the first time around, returns an empty ResultSet the second time around. This JDBC code uses a java.sql.Date as a bind variable, which is pretty standard.

      When we replace this sql with a formatted date inlined into the
      the sql string the database returns data from the call
      every time. So we believe that there is relationship there.

      We are using JBoss 4.0.2 and Oracle 10g.
      We have tried using local-tx-datasources and no-tx-datasources,
      and bypassing using JDNI datasources and used the driver
      manager to get a connection directly.

      The wierd thing is that the same functionality when using the regular SLSB that is not a webservice returns correct data every time.

      Has anyone seen anything like this before?

      -Harley Blumenfeld