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    More problems with the datascroller

    Rob Stevens Newbie

      I have noticed from this forum that the datascroller in 3.2.0 no longer behaves as it did in prior releases.

      I too am seeing different behavior -- things that worked before.

      1) You used to be able to have two datascrollers -- before and after a data table. Each was set to rerender the other -- this worked fine. Now, it does not -- the other scroller does not re-render

      2) The datatable and model are defined as session beans. Upon returning to the page, the data table is shown on the proper row, however, the datascroller is showing as though we have returned back to page one. This worked in the previous release.

      As there seems to be a number of problems with this component, (and it worked just fine before) please advise when a fix can be expected or the code from the previous release be moved into 3.2.0


      PS -- while this is frustrating, I'm adicted to this library -- it is still the best!