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    Migrating scrollableDataTable to 3.2.0 GA and Firefox?

    andreas_back Novice


      It is exciting to see the possibities of the new RichFaces 3.2.0 GA - Release!

      On the other side: When I use the scrollableDataTable under Firefox and do some scrolling I see the following message in the error console:

      Fehler: normalTbl.rows[0] has no properties
      Quelldatei: http://localhost:8080/secondFaces/a4j_3_2_0-SNAPSHOTorg/richfaces/renderkit/html/scripts/scrollable-data-table.js.faces
      Zeile: 156

      After this message the table appears seems to be dysfunctional. This happens also for rather small tables with about 350 rows.

      This error does not appear under 3.1.4 GA. I only exange the
      3 jar - Files and redeploy the application.

      Are there other modifications necessary when migrating a scrollableDataTable to 3.2.0 GA?

      Perhaps this observation is related to the RF-1883?