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    EJB unreachable from POJO endpoint

    nuno oliveira Newbie

      I have the following setup:

      1. EJB1 <- POJOWS <- standalone ws client(outside the container)

      2. EJB1 <- EJB2 <- <- standalone RMI-IIOP client (outside the container)

      3. EJB1 <- standalone RMI-IIOP client (outside the container)

      Only the last 2 scenarios are working. The first is returning "EJB1 not bound". However, the l(remote) ookup code is exactly the same as the code in the client in scenario 3 and in the EJB2 in scenario 2. So, it seems that the EJB1 can be reached from the EJB container, outside the container, but not from the servlet container.

      These units are being deployed like this: POJOWS->test.war EJB1+EJB2 -> test.jar in JBOSS 4.0.3SP1.

      Can anyone tell me what's going on ? Is this a know issue ? I really need help here, guys.