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    Grid Services in JBossWS

    Kensky Schulz Newbie

      I want to know about the JBossWS project future developments. Are there WSRF compliant webservices implementation inside JBossWS project. If not then when it will be coming?


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          Mark Little Master

          Why would you want to use WS-RF, let alone implement it? If you are really interested in distributed objects, then use something like CORBA or even RMI if you want pure Java. If you want to use Web Services and leverage SOA, then don't go down the WS-RF route. Check out http://www.idealliance.org/proceedings/xml05/ship/54/xml2005-wssessions.HTML and http://www.webservices.org/weblog/mark_little/next_stop_the_twilight_zone as examples.

          Although WS-RF is going to become a standard, I wouldn't like to say whether it will see a lot of take up in the market. So far, only really IBM has backed it.

          Now I know there's backing in the GGF - afterall, that's where it all started. However, now that Microsoft is moving into the Grid space in a big way, I think we'll see some changes in the next few weeks and months that may sideline some of this stuff. Plus, you can do it better anyway (check out http://webservices.sys-con.com/read/44675.htm).

          So unless you've got interoperability requirements (like someone else has gone and implemented the spec and you need to interact with them), I'd suggest taking a step back and look at alternatives that don't blow the benefits of Web Services/SOA out of the water.


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            Kensky Schulz Newbie

            WSRF is being used in all grid middleware technologies, even though it is not considered as an open standard, but grid founders and other vendors use it as a standard.

            In my scenario I want to write some interoperable services or ejb's(service oriented) that will be deployed on any of the present grid middlewares. So far, in terms of my requirement I want to use a high quality open source middle ware(AS). For which I am recommended to use JBoss as an application server. I thought if it provides some implementation and deployment of Grid Services.

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              Mark Little Master

              WS-RF is certainly not used in all grid middleware technologies. Far from it. Show me the Oracle or MSFT implementation? Show me where SETI@home uses it (that's probably the best and biggest example of a Grid around today).

              I think you're right to look at JBoss. But stay clear of WS-RF for now, until (and unless) it really does get adopted by everyone. There is a lot you can do with what currently exists and what is available everywhere. Take a look at http://www.arjuna.com/library/reports/2003-08-12-GAF-v1_0.pdf for instance: it's a little old now, but the principles are right: build on what everyone supports (basically WS-I compliance) and don't rush into something that only one or two vendors support, because chances are it won't be there in a couple of years time.


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                shiraz memon Newbie


                In reference to your previous message. One cannot make transient and stateful webservices and service groups for its virtualization with key features like addressing, notification, lifetime management, monitoring etc... I agree that ws-i might somehow achieve these features but in more complex ways.


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                  Mark Little Master

                  Sorry, I think you need to go away and read the references and then followup with what the WS-I does. Either that, or you need to go into more detail about what problems you see that cannot be addressed with things other than WS-RF!