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    webservice questions to jboss

    aung zay Newbie


      I m currently using jboss [5.0.0alpha] and using Macromedia Flex Beta 2 client to call webservice.

      My goal is to read the wsdl ( schema ) and generate the correct XML request.

      since wsdl generation change from time to time ( every time i check out the jboss ). and my schema reader always need to be updated.
      I notice that [5.0.0alpha check out at 20060214] version generate wsdl that contain heavy usages of namespace and thus my schema reader is useless right now.

      i want to know the wsdl standard of jboss is following ? ( i wont be in trouble again if follow the same stanard)
      May i know when can i have the stable webservice implementation ?
      Current implemenation is goin to change alot later ?

      (I would be more happy,if i got tips and tricks to this subject) :)

      thanks in advance