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      "Ivo" wrote:
      I'm researching the tool implemening the OASIS WS-Security specifications, especially the part for signing SecurityTokenReferences.

      I saw that you've implemented this feature (http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBWS-284 ).

      If you have a minute to give me a hint - how can I use this feature and how to test it? (Any samples or unit tests will help me a lot)

      Thanks in advance,


      WS-Security will be included in the first jbossws release. JBossWS will be included in jboss-4.0.4. So if you want to play with it now you will need to checkout and build the latest 4.x branch.

      See the FAQ for CVS and build details:

      See the Wiki entry for instructions on how to use WS-Security

      You can look at our unit cases which are in jboss-head/webservice/test. The ant task tests-wsse runs all ws-security related tests.