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    wsdl2java and jboss

    Andreas Bauer Newbie


      I have modeled my xml schemas and my wsdl files (with XMLSpy). Now I want to create the ejb stubs for the wsdl files so I can start progamming the according ejbs for the web service. For this I can use wsdl2java, can't I?
      Another question is, how to integrate the the so created stubs within jboss-ide ejb-project? Does it work, if I just copied the generated files into the folder structure?
      In fact, is this the right way to create top-down web services with jboss?
      http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=WSDOCServiceStepByStep just describes how to create a wsdl file from an sei, but not the other way round.
      Thanks for any hint.