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    JBossWS installed as default JAXRPC stack

    Thomas Diesler Master

      As of this post JBossWS is installed as the default JAXRPC stack. The Axis based stack will no longer be maintained.


      The criteria for switching to JBossWS are:

      #1 pass all jbossws internal tests

      #2 pass all tests in the main testsuite that formerly run on jboss-ws4ee

      #3 pass all CTS tests in module jaxr, jaxrpc, saaj, webservice (> 3000 tests)

      With the release of JBossWS-1.0 we also aim to replace the use of wscompile from the JWSDP with our own tool set (wstools). The criteria for that is:

      #1 replace all wscompile generated artifacts with wstools artifacts

      Get the latest jboss-4.0.x

      cvs co -r Branch_4_0 jboss-4.0.x