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    rerender of scrollableDataTable in RichFaces 3.1.4 GA

    andreas_back Novice


      As a variant of the demo for scrollableDataTable we have

      * a scrollableDataTable
      * a modal panel where the selected row is shown in a dataTable where the row can be edited
      * a a4j:commandButton within the panal to store the modified data.

      This a4j:commandButton has a rerender attribute that rerenders the scrollableDataTable to show the modified data.

      Under Firefox and IE6 we observe the following reaction:

      After the rerendering of the scrollableDataTable the vertical scrolling bar
      automatically scrolls to the top of the table, but the data of the table is still the data of the previous region of the table where the selection is made from.

      If the next action is a movement of the scrolling bar, then the table
      does rerender again, and everthing is okay.

      If the next action is scrolling down with the scrolling arrow, then the
      newly loaded data from the server does not fit to the already loaded rows
      and if one of the already loaded rows is selected then the wrong
      data for this row is shown in the panel.

      We can reproduce this behavior for the RichFaces LiveDemo in the version
      3.1.4 GA, that runs locally under Tomcat 6.0.16, if the reload button
      of the browser is used and for IE 6 and Firefox.

      I am sad to say: If we can not solve this problem we can not used
      RichFaces 3.1.4 GA in a productive environment.