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    JBoss Web Service with SSL problem

    Spyros Halkidis Newbie


      I have followed the instructions for securing an EJB service endpoint
      from http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=WSSecureEndpoint.
      I have properly set up jboss to allow SSL connections by following
      the "Using SSL with JBoss" guide. However, when I change the
      SOAP address of the web service from http to https jboss tries to
      find the keystore in Documents and Settings/username/.keystore
      and throws an Undeclared Throwable exception. I use only a server
      side keystore in the conf directory of jboss. Should I configure a client
      side keystore also? If yes, why do I have to do so? The rest of the application uses SSL without requiring a client side keystore. Why
      should there be a difference when accessing a web service?
      I use jboss 4.0.3.

      Thanks in advance,

      Spyros Halkidis