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    Signing XML

    Bruno Arruda Newbie

      Hi mates,

      First forgive my english cause I do not use it very much.

      I´m kinda new to WebServices at all. Im working on a project that need to integrate two systems, the client using .NET and the server using JAVA(J2EE). I use JBOSS 4.02 and I´ve successfully build and deployed a WebService based on a Session Bean. Allright, we made the project and everything was working nice untill the client requested that the communication shoul be with XML signed. I´ve been searching on the web for some time to find some material to guide me how to do it in my scenario scope but I could´nt find anything well documented to help me . I found a few examples about validating a XML signature, but the problem is that as I made my WebService on JBOSS and its encapsulates the AXIS server, I couldnt find a way to have direct access to the XML message. The problem is that I dont have access to the XML signed message and I dont know how to configure JBOSS to work with XML sign. Please let me know if im not beeing clearly enought.The problem is that im very lost and I need your help to show me the way, stay with EJB implementation? change to axis implementation? What do you guys suggest?

      Thank you very much.