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    JBOSS changes my address location!!!

    ken bass Newbie

      When my web app gets deployed, JBOSS changes the soap:address location that I specifiy in my WSDL. Specifically, it changes the host:port. This apparently is only for the WSDL that is retrieved. The actual working address:port is still what I set it at.

      First, I set the location in my wsdl:
      <soap:address location="http://localhost/testapp/soap/Admin" />

      When the app is deployed, I get this in the logs:
      15:20:00,000 INFO [AxisService] Web Service deployed: http://baby:8080/testapp/soap/Admin

      ("baby" is the computer name that JBOSS is running on.)

      If I use the above URL to access the wsdl, the page isn't found (ie, nothing listening on that port).

      I can get the wsdl from the correct URL: http://localhost/testapp/soap/Admin.

      But this is the location in the fetched wsdl:
      <soap:address location="http://baby:8080/idassure/soap/Admin" />

      What gives?

      Any help greatly appreciated.