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    scrolling with scrollableDataTable in RichFaces 3.2.0 GA and

    andreas_back Novice


      when using a rather large number of rows scrolling for a while in a scrollableDataTable with IE 6 breaks the data that is shown in the table.

      The testdata that is shown in the table has an ascending row number without gaps in the data.

      After scrolling for a while the row numbers of rows that are visible
      in the table are not ascending anymore, there can be several blocks
      of ascending rows.

      If the table is in such a state then the data in the visible row does not
      correspond to the data of the selected rows.

      This could lead to data errors. And I sad to say that we can not use RichFaces 3.2.0 in a productive environment if this point can not be solved.

      For the same application under 3.1.4 GA, the exchanged and newly deployed 3 jar-Archives as the only difference, just scrolling, even for a some time, does not break the table, not under IE6 and Firefox.