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    Switch from Jboss4wsee to Jbossws, unavailable service endpo

    Vlada Chroust Newbie

      Hi, i would like to use in my project webservice security property, so I switched from Jboss4wee to Jbossws (jboss 4.0.4RC1). I used wscompile to create wsdl a mapping file for my RPC style service endponit.
      Deploying was successful, wsdl URI is available too, but webservice enpoint servlet URL is unavailable:

      ERROR: Servlet.service() threw exception org.jboss.util.NotImplementedException: HTTP GET not supported

      In jboss-4.0.3 with jboss4wsee there was no problem deploy above servlet like rpc style service endpoint.

      create wsdl and mapping file:
      wscompile -define -f:rpcliteral -mapping ${build.dir}/${mapping.file.name}.xml -d ${build.dir} -nd ${build.dir}/wsdl -classpath ${build.classes.dir} ${src.dir}/webservice/resources/${config.file.name}.xml

      Is anybody who encountered above problem. Thanks.