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    [DeserializationContextImpl] Ignoring invalid namespace mapp

    nishat islam Newbie

      I am new in JBoss. I have deployed an EAR, which contains one jar file containg the bean files and one war file containg the webservice related files, including web.xml,wsdl and mapping files.
      now when i am trying to access this webservice, i m getting error in client side but its showing no error in server side except only a warning.The incoming datas are also handled successfully.

      The warning is similar to the posted warning.
      I am including it again,

      WARN [DeserializationContextImpl] Ignoring invalid namespace mapping: [prefix=,uri=]

      Its really frustrating, couse i am not sure what to do... I have used WSDL2Java tool of AXIS
      for client side.. This tool worked fine when i deployed my application using IBM Websphere.
      For Server side i have used JWSDP pack's WSCOMPILE tools to generate the necessary artifacts.

      Can anyone tell me whts the problem??