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    endpoint handler

    Dave Head-Rapson Newbie


      I'm trying to add a handler for all web service endpoints, with JBossWS.
      I've altered the /deploy/jbossws.sar/META-INF/standard-jbossws-endpoint-config.xml file, and the handler seems to be added for the endpoint:

      1:25:38,343 DEBUG [ServiceEndpoint] Adding server side handler to service '{htt
      ://whatever.com/bankwizard}BankWizardServiceEndpointPort': [class=com.whatever.util.JAXRPCClientExceptionHandler,headers=[],config={}]
      1:25:38,343 DEBUG [ServiceEndpoint] Init handler chain with [2] handlers
      1:25:38,343 DEBUG [HandlerChainBaseImpl] Create a handler chain for roles: []
      1:25:38,343 DEBUG [HandlerChainBaseImpl] init: [config=null]
      1:25:38,343 DEBUG [HandlerWrapper] init: com.whatever.ejb.JAXR
      1:25:38,343 DEBUG [HandlerWrapper] init: com.whatever.util.JAXRPCC

      However, the handler methods are never invoked at runtime.

      The handlers I have either extend GenericHandler or implement the Handler interface. The config I've used in standard-jbossws-endpoint-config.xml is below.





      The strangest thing is that if I put the same handlers into the standard-jbossws-client-config.xml, their methods are invoked with no problem at all.

      Can anyone assist?