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    JBoss WS with attachment issues

    Neil Stamps Newbie

      using Sun's WScompile tool I have generated all necessary artifacts - WSDL and mapping file for a service which takes a DataHandler to upload files.

      I have previously run this service ok under Tomcat with Axis installed (using an axis wsdd file)

      Under 4.0.3.SP1 the deployment fails to find the class java.activation.datahandler - NOTE THIS IS THE INCORRECT CLASS - it should be DataHandler. Thus the generated WSDD does not have the serialisation definition needed for the service to work ( I get a no serialisation defined for the type when the service is called).

      Under 4.0.4 I get a warning indicating that soap encoding is not supported - is this true??? Does 4.0.4 only suppport RPC:literal encoding???

      Any assistance would be appreciated.