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    EJB endpoints has WebServices and transaction propagation

    Eric Masson Newbie

      Here is my problem. I am in the process of evaluating JBossWS and got a question regarding EJB endpoints and the transaction context propagation.

      First lets assume that we have an EJB-Session-Bean (EJB 2.1) component that needs to call some remote EJBs exposed as web-services running on some remote JBoss servers.

      Here is a simple use-case describing the sequence of events:

      From an EJB Session Bean
      1. perform some JDBC insert in a local DB
      2. calls the first remote EJB exposed as web-service, which performs a JDBC insert into a DB somewhere (not the same DB)
      3. calls the second remote EJB exposed as web-service, which performs a JDBC update into another DB someplace else
      4. If no exception at this point, the all three JDBC transitions are committed

      So, we end up with three JDBC inserts in three different DB (managed by three different EJBs) in three different locations. And to get things even more complicated, two of those inserts are managed my EJB exposed as web-services.

      So the one million $ question, is JBoss capable of propagating the transaction context over those remote EJB endpoints exposed has web-services ? If yes, want do I need to do in order to get this running ?