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    WSRF 1.2 approved as OASIS standard

    Kensky Schulz Newbie

      OASIS, the international e-business standards consortium, has accepted the WSRF 1.2 set of specifications (WS-Resource, WS-ResourceProperties, WS-ResourceLifetime, WS-ServiceGroup, WS-BaseFaults) as an OASIS standard.

      I have in previous posts discussed this issue regarding the jboss iniative towards its implementation. However, I got a response which left an impression as it should not be a part of webservices.

      Now, WSRF approved as a standard and perhaps other companies will explore its novelty in both terms of specification as well as in implementation.

      My question is, are there any chances to expect something from Jboss in grid computing research and contribution in the implementation.

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          Mark Little Master

          We are members of WS-RF and in fact some JBoss employees were co-submitters of it to OASIS. However, that doesn't get around the fact that it is fundamentally broken as far as SOA and Web Services are concerned. That, coupled with the recent delivery of WS-Transfer to W3C by Microsoft, places WS-RF as it currently stands in a state of limbo as far as I'm concerned. Plus we're not seeing a lot of requests for WS-RF at this point in time.

          I know that Microsoft and Oracle, for instance, aren't supporters of WS-RF. So the Grid community is split on the right approach to take. I do know, however, that there are many large Grid deployments using JBoss as it currently stands and we are interested in increasing that and joining in community development. I just don't think that rushing into supporting WS-RF is the best approach at this stage.

          Now that doesn't mean that community committers couldn't get together and produce a WS-RF implementation using JBossWS.