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    Client authentication: failure :(

    Simone Taliercio Newbie

      Hi Community! :-)

      I'm learning Ejb 3.0 and Web Services, both argument from security
      side (authentication and confidentional conversation).

      I wrote a stateless ejb with power of annotations (java 1.5 spec) and
      a simple client. All works.
      Then, I try to protect a method and I modify client with
      authentication lines. All works.
      Then, I expose a web service through this stateless ejb.
      Consequently, I build another client act to deal of web service.All

      I want protect this web service (exposed by ejb) with login and
      password. Now, I try with the same annotations I've used for ejb. It's
      possible? But, my great dubt is the class Client... Have you got a
      example of autenthication sent by client?

      I post you source code if you believe it's useful to understand. :)

      Uhm.. I'm sorry for my bad english :(


      P.s. I've found annotations about ws in JSR 181 document... but I think it isn't available.