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    javaToWSDL ? How to configure message part names?

    Steinar Ardasl Newbie

      I am using the javaToWSDL tool to generate the WSDL file from a SLSB, which works just fine.

      The only issue I have is that the tool is generating the WSDL file using String_1, String_2 etc for the method parameter names

      The method in the Service Interface

      public java.lang.String echo( java.lang.String echo )

      Ant code
      <wstools dest="${meta-inf.dir}" config="${resources.dir}/dd/ws/jboss-ws.xml" />

      The configuration file
      <configuration xmlns="http://www.jboss.org/jbossws-tools">
       <service name="DataRetrieve" wsdlStyle="rpc" endpoint="com.me.ws.interfaces.DataRetrieveService"/>
       <namespaces targetNamespace="http://com.me.ws/DataRetrieve" typeNamespace="http://com.me.ws/types"/>
       <mapping fileName="jaxrpc-mapping.xml"/>
       <wsxml ejbLink="DataRetrieve"/>

      Part of the generated WSDL file
      <message name="DataRetrieveService_echo">
       <part name="String_1" type="xsd:string" />

      What I want to achieve is to get the WSDL file to use the same name for the part name as the parameter, e.g:
      <message name="DataRetrieveService_echo">
       <part name="echo" type="xsd:string" />