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    Client endpoint address

    kcochrane Newbie

      I am currently developing an application which requires to implement endpoints for some services and act as clients for others. Using 4.0.4 and ws import, I have both client and server components running correctly. In order to get the client to work the value of the wsdl location had to be specified in the wsimport task (which ultimately gets set as the constant WSDL_LOCATION in the service class). The only way I could get this to work was to define this as a location on the file system and then modify the address element in the wsdl file at that location. Can it be set up so that the client application is provided with a url dynamically at run time and it simply looks there for the wsdl? I do not want to place this url in the wsimport task as that happens at compile time and is a different url depending on deployed and testing environments. It would not be so bad if the location of the wsdl file provided to wsimport could be relative to the root of the deployed application but it only seemed to work when the full path was specified.
      It looks to me as if I have missed something and am not quite doing things the right way as this method of locating an endpoint does not seem to make a lot of sense.
      If anyone could offer some advice on the correct way to define the url for locating the endpoint it would be most helpful.